The INDEX Festival 

Transpiring in August 2011 in New York City, our aim was to bring together individuals and groups who cognitively engage media culture. We welcomed the interdisciplinary, shared and accessible culture we are coming to live in as a result of digital technology. Our mission was to focus on projects that blur the vocabulary of science and art, dissect the media that describes our culture today, and to disseminate out from the [cultural] institution, and further into the multi-textural international landscape.

The project expanded into a travelling exhibition of works which was presented later in 2011 in Berlin at General Public.  

Play With Fire Festival

Celebrated the breadth and depth of video possibilities through art. The two week festival brought together a plethora of live video editors, electronic and interactive artists, video and installation artists who use the moving image outside the “box”. Coming from as far as Italy, Switzerland and Germany these artists showcased their work in New York City. The festival encouraged the cross-pollination with a focus on brainwave controlled video, video as sculpture and installation and the expansion and experimentation of live video-editing techniques.